HK Express - 因為依家HK Express推出2人同行*優惠,兩個鐘後撳入 ... 訂購由香港出發到23個精彩航點嘅機票,只要2人...

2016年11月21日星期一 N/A 機票/門票/旅遊 飲食/休閒/娛樂
最近日元跌跌跌,梗係要去日本瘋狂掃貨啦,但係Shopping唔啱您?咁就去布吉或峴港享受陽光與海灘喇,不過最緊要嘅係,身邊有個人同您一齊出發!因為依家HK Express推出2人同行*優惠,兩個鐘後撳入 訂購由香港出發到23個精彩航點嘅機票,只要2人同行,即可享低至HKD 146*嘅機票優惠,快啲tag您嘅朋友入嚟話佢知啦!


The Yen is still great value for money what other excuses do you need for a shopping spree in Japan?! If shopping isn't your thing, how about some sun and see in Phuket or Da Nang? Wherever you decide to go, it'll be twice as fun with someone by your side! That's why HK Express is offering you our 2 to go* offer! Log on to in 2 hours to enjoy the fares as low as $146* HKD, fly from Hong Kong to one of our 23 exciting destinations! Hurry up, Tag your favourite travel buddy now and plan for your next getaway!

Booking period: 22-24 Nov 2016
Travel period: 6 Dec 2016 - 28 Oct 2017

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