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2016年11月24日星期四 香港島 飲食/休閒/娛樂

菜單頭盤以精選生蠔作開端,生蠔肥美鮮甜,海水味在口腔裡徘徊。緊接著的是瑞士糖香三文魚,瑞士三文魚油脂分怖平均,加上糖香,吃起來津津有味。 第三道是本餐廳精選的招牌頭盤:活龍蝦石鍋濃湯, 新鮮龍蝦以石鍋程上,讓充滿鮮味的濃湯保持温度,令人回味。 緊隨其後的是米紙包鴨肝多士伴無花果,鴨肝外脆內軟滑,再伴上無花果,得以舒緩油膩感。為了清下味蕾,我們奉上青檸雪芭,讓大家保持醒神開胃。

來到主菜,我們準備了兩款招牌主菜任君選擇, 包括威靈頓牛柳和西班牙黑毛豬。以酥皮包在外圍的威靈頓牛柳肉質鮮嫩多汁,肉味濃郁,令人吃得樂而忘返。西班牙黑毛豬肉質彈牙嫩滑,配上醬汁,提升肉類的香甜,也是一個不錯的選擇。



由今天起到2017年1月3日,請您在我們指定的post上為您的升職朋友寫下一個具創意的升職奮鬥故事,我們Otto Restaurant & Bar會為最多like和share的10位故事作家(like和share數目相加),獻上這一頓豐富的盛宴。

In order to congratulate on your promotion, Otto Restaurant and Bar prepares a fabulous FREE feast, with fresh ingredients, for you.

The feast starts with palatable oysters, gravlax, lobster bisque and duck liver toast, and you can merely indulge yourself in the freshness of the dishes. Before having the main courses, why don’t you have a cup of appetizing lime sorbet to get yourself prepared for the next stage?

When it comes to the greatest part of the feast, you can make a decision between two chef’s menus–beef Wellington and Spanish iberico pork chop. You can enjoy the puff pastry wrapped beef Wellington with mixed tastes –juicy and crunchy. On the other hand, the Spanish iberico pork chop is soft and tender, and the sauce adds zing to the strong-flavored pork.

The delicate desserts will then mark the end of the wonderful feast, allowing you to enjoy the great vibe.

Starting from today to 3rd January, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous feast by a promotion story of yours or your friend’s. The top ten stories with most likes and shares will be selected, and Otto Restaurant & Bar will prepare a feast for these storywriters.

For more about the game and the feast, please like and share our Facebook fan page:

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