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2018年1月12日星期五 N/A 文具/玩具
【最後倒數! 一齊嚟2018玩具展開PLAY啦】
【Last Call for Toy Fair 2018 . It’s PLAY time! 】

恭喜你!✉️ 你已經獲得我哋嘅邀請,可以嚟參加我哋嘅2018玩具展啦!現場有齊大家最鍾意嘅品牌,仲有18個遊戲區同好多有趣刺激嘅遊戲,當中更包含互動同個人化元素,就好似Turning Mecard車神超激戰同埋LEGO Mosaic Maker!預留定全日喺海運大廈嘅玩具反”斗”城度同我哋一齊開心Party,你會發現有好多驚喜,一定會玩到樂而忘返!1月14號就完,未去嘅就記得Mark實日子快啲去啦!到時見!


You are cordially invited to our exclusive event this weekend – Toys"R"Us Toy Fair 2018. Come and experience the fun and joy with our favorite brands! ✉️ There are 18 game zones in total with various exciting games, interactive and customized elements for all the weekend PLAY you need. Featuring Turning Mecard Battlezone, Slimey fountain and many many selfie spots. Make sure you're prepared to spend an entire day at Toys"R"Us Ocean Terminal as it's a paradise of surprises! The Toys"R"Us Toy Fair 2018 is on till 14th Jan so don’t miss the fun. See you there!!!

Explore the PLAYTIME at:

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