Laura Ashley Hong Kong - 我們會一連三日分享送禮物的gift ideas,現在網上商店買滿$800,結賬時輸入"christmas"更有額外85折!

2017年12月11日星期一 香港島 傢俬/寢室用品 家居用品服飾
聖誕節除了聖誕大餐,還要交換或者買禮物。公司抽獎一份,朋友聚會又幾份,家庭聚會又要買一份,年年挑選禮物都好難?我們會一連三日分享送禮物的gift ideas,現在網上商店買滿$800,結賬時輸入"christmas"更有額外85折!

Apart from having Christmas gathering, there must be gift exchange in every Christmas. We know it's difficult to select gifts to your colleagues, friends and family members, so we are going to share with you some gift ideas in the coming 3 days! And don't forget the 15%off discount in our online shop now by entering promotion code "christmas"!

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