HK Express - 立即訂購優惠機票,齊齊準備出發啦!

2016年12月2日星期五 N/A 機票/門票/旅遊 飲食/休閒/娛樂

依家就上 訂購由香港出發去布吉既機票,票價都只係HKD 68*起!仲等?!立即訂購優惠機票,齊齊準備出發啦!


It’s finally Friday!! You’ve waited long enough and the weekend is finally around the corner!
To end off your week, we have a special promotion just for you! Newly launched ‘Take off Fridays’ will see us rolling out a special fare every Friday. This week, we want you to take off to PHUKET! Why shiver in the cold when you can bask in the sun and lay back on a beach in Phuket?

Pay attention now, fares to Phuket are going for ONLY $ 68 HKD*!!!
Thank HK Express for Fridays! Click on to book your $68HKD* flights to Phuket NOW!

Booking period: 2 Dec 2016
Travel period: 5 Dec 2016 - 13 Jul 2017

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