Le Creuset HK - 蔬菜造型陶瓷產品亦率先於銅鑼灣SOGO專櫃推出,並享有SOGO感謝周年慶獨家優惠:購買1件產品即享7折(套...

2017年11月14日星期二 N/A 家居用品
[SOGO 感謝周年慶產品] Le Creuset圓形鑄鐵鍋傳熱均勻,並且保溫性強,熄火後餸菜也不會瞬間冷卻,完成後連同鑄鐵鍋直接上餐枱,得體又方便!Antique Rose或Wasabi其他尺寸之圓形鑄鐵鍋將於11月15日起在銅鑼灣SOGO專櫃推出。




Le Creuset Round French Oven distributes heat evenly and is good at heat retention. Temperature of the dishes can be maintained for a relatively long period even away from heat. Look chic when serve with the pot to the dining table directly! Other size of Antique Rose or Wasabi Round French Oven will be available on 15 Nov at SOGO Causeway Bay Counter.

Vegetable dishes are firstly launched at SOGO Causeway Bay counter, and enjoy exclusive offer of purchasing 1pc at 30% off (except sets and specific items) during SOGO Thankful Week. Don’t miss the chance!

SOGO Causeway Bay Thankful Week promotion details: http://www.lecreuset.com.hk/sogonov2017

Photos for reference only. While stocks last.
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