Dogdogday PetShop - $80 微泡牛奶浴優惠期至十二月十一日!

2016年11月21日星期一 香港島 寵物用品與活動
快d 預約啦!不要錯過呀!
Hurry to make booking! Don't miss the chance!

+$80 微泡牛奶浴優惠期至十二月十一日!
Special price of +$80 milky spa ends on 11 Dec!





首次試驗價,只需加$80 即可享受!

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On 18 Nov 2016, at 10:57 PM, Al Lostocco <> wrote:

Hi Elaine

I apologize for jumping to conclusions. But we have had a number of individuals over the years portray themselves as stores and distributors, only to find out they are frauds. When I did not get any feed back from you I assumed the worst. Let's move on.

Yes the bags in Asia are more elaborate and colorful, and more expensive to produce i assume. We are more interested here in projecting an image of a boutique manufacturer not a big box store like a target and the image of freshly made.

We have no problem shipping bulk, to you if you decide. We have a couple of customers here that buy bulk from us. They repackage our products and distribute to stores on the east coast.

You could also ship us your bags and we can bag it and ship the finished product to you. But without running the numbers it would seem it would be more cost effective for us to ship you product and you bag it there.

Again I apologize for Jumping to conclusions.

Best Wishes

Al. Lostocco

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 2:19 AM, Dogdogday <> wrote:
Hi Al

I'm sorry if you feel this way! We are a professional distributor of pets products and we would never try to just get some free dog treats without meaning to seriously explore the market possibilities in Asia.

We have brought your products to many shops for sales presentation, but the issue is that the packaging is not as elaborate as some other competitors. It is very important to differentiate from the cheap products made in China. As I have briefly discussed with you, the packaging is very important in Asia and we are thinking whether we can buy your products in bulk and do the repackaging here locally.

Please understand it takes time to set up the repackaging facilities as well as designing and making the packaging bags.

please accept my apologies for not bringing you up to speed on our sales efforts.


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> On 18 Nov 2016, at 12:10 AM, Al Lostocco <> wrote:
> Hi
> I was nice enough to send you a batch of our treats for you to try. It is disappointing when you make an effort to send samples in a timely manner and then receive no response in return. So it makes me question your motives. Were you truly interested or were you looking for free dog treats. The later seem to be a better conclusion.
> Al.
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