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2016年11月4日星期五 N/A 文具/玩具
【TOMICA WORLD @ 尖沙咀海運大廈店】

只限尖沙咀海運大廈店!!「TOMICA WORLD」現已開始 (11月1日至11月21日)!!


- 指定產品*9折優惠

- 1-120 TOMICA 號碼合金車$100/3架

- TOMICA 會場限定車

- 玩具”反”斗城 TOMICA 獨家合金車

- TOMICA 贈品車 (於現場參加TOMICA遊戲, 即可換購)

- TOMICA手繪工作坊 (只限星期六、日及公眾假期發售)

- 換領精美禮品


【TOMICA WORLD @ TST Ocean Terminal store】

“TOMICA WORLD” started only at Ocean Terminal store (from 1 Nov to 21 Nov)!! Don’t miss the Brand new Exclusive Cars, Special Deals, Premium Redemption and Mini Games!!

- 10% OFF on selected products

- $100 for 3pcs on No.1 – 120 TOMICA Diecast

- TOMICA Event Car

- TOMICA Toys R Us Exclusive Diecast

- Premium Car (Purchase upon join the TOMICA game)

- TOMICA Drawing Car Workshop (Only on Sat, Sun and public holidays)

- Premium Redemption

All these offers available at Ocean Terminal store only! Please refer this post for details!!

#Tomica #HarbourCity
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