RIGHT SHOP AUDIO - 零售價 $8999 》優惠價 $4999

2016年11月18日星期五 九龍 電器數碼
11月大平賣 Bakoon HPA-01M

零售價 $8999 》優惠價 $4999

Product Description

Striving for perfection with the highly endorsed HPA-21, we then simplified and developed the HPA-01, but we yearned for an even more compact device for our audiophiles on the move.

With the new HPA-01M, we meticulously minimized the design, calculated everything down even to the machining tolerance limit, and precisely machined and finished from one single block of aluminum to make such a portable device, so that one can carry around anywhere to enjoy both voltage and current driving technologies powered our SATRI Circuit.

The HPA-01M marks our smallest SATRI amplifier ever created, yet still incorporating our renowned full discrete, zero negative feedback, SATRI Circuit housed in a beautifully finished housing.
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