Trollbeads - 金飾聖誕 12月8-31日 ~凡購買18K金串珠滿正價$12888或以上**,可免費獲贈18k鍍金(光面/扭紋)手鐲一隻...

2017年12月8日星期五 N/A 配件飾品
Gold Christmas
From 8th to 31st December, 2017

~Purchase 18k gold beads enough list price $12888 or above** will receive a FREE 18k gold plated (plain/twisted) bangle and a FREE Trollbeads travel pouch
**Enjoy VIP 10% discount
~Each invoice can be redeemed free gift for once
~Cannot combined with other promotional offer
~Pre-order items require 4-10 weeks
* Offer includes 52 conventional 18K gold beads and custom make 18K gold beads (Price quoted at the time to order).
*The Retired 18K gold beads (stock only)
* Offer includes 18K gold bead which has not been reached yet.
* With the same paragraph sterling silver and 18K gold bead size may be a little different, to reach the spot prevail.
* It takes four to ten weeks to order.
For sales details, please check with the staff. thank you!

~凡購買18K金串珠滿正價$12888或以上**,可免費獲贈18k鍍金(光面/扭紋)手鐲一隻和Trollbeads 旅行皮包一個

* 優惠包括52顆常規款式18K金串珠和訂製的18K金串珠(售價於訂製時報價)
* 已退休18K金串珠只售現貨
* 優惠包括客人已訂還未到達的18K金串珠。
* 同款的純銀與18K金串珠尺寸可能有少許分別,以到達的現貨為準。
* 訂購需時四至十星期

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