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2017年11月14日星期二 九龍 童裝 文具/玩具
韓國有機棉揹帶咬咬巾 / 嬰兒車安全帶套 (一套兩件)
Korean Made Teething Bibs

有無發現每個BB一上孭帶就好似小吉咁左咬右咬,無論BB車或High chair安全帶都一樣咁好味!!! 專家指出BB 口腔敏感期會將身邊嘅嘢放落口,而孭帶同安全帶係 BB 經常接觸嘅物品,而呢D要清潔起上嚟真係好麻煩~


搵到好嘢當然要同大家分享,今日介紹幾款韓國100%有機棉咬咬巾,全部韓國直送!!! 雖然款式唔多,但價錢比起市面其他100% Organic產品算好吸引,店主亦希望真正BB放入口的都安全衛生, 用得放心~


In the process of planting the organic cotton, there is no pesticides in the production and it reduces the chemicals significantly. Therefore, it has a positive side towards the children.

款式:長頸鹿/森林動物/ 粉彩圓點/可愛動物/ Ladybird Blue/ Ladybird Pink/

- 適用於嬰兒車安全帶、嬰兒車前桿扶手帶、汽車安全帶等
- 啪鈕設計,方便替換清潔
- 尺寸:約長 22cm x 高 16.5cm
- 3 個月以上適用

有興趣可直接Inbox PM我地 或 Whatsapp 9303 0021!!! ^.^
想買俾住係不同地方的朋友作為BB禮物,Inspire 可以幫你代勞 ✈ (有興趣可先PM我們,或whatsapp 93030021!)

想瀏覽更多有機棉嬰幼兒用品, 可到我們的網頁:

Some experts pointed out that babies will put things in their mouth when they become sensitive and want to find things for biting. Safety belts is one of the items that babies like to bite. And in fact, these safety belts are hard to clean.
Therefore,every mother will prepare a set of teething bibs as a replacement. With this design, it is more convenient for the mothers to clean. You can wash it by hands or washing machine.
Sure we have to share this with you all. And we recommand these four patterns of teething bibs to you. It is 100% made of organic cotton and it is made in Korea. We don’t have much patterns, but when comparing the price with other markets, it is quite attractive. Our shop owner also hopes that things are safe for the babies to put into their mouths.

Discount Price:HK$99/set
Patterns:Chicks-Special offer from the year of Rooster/ Pastry dots/ Ladybird Blue/ Ladybird Pink/ Colorful Strips
Buy any two or more for 5% off
**Including mailing delivery expense within Hong Kong Area**

- For seat belts of a baby carriage, armrest band for the front of the stroller, seat belts of a car and so on
- Button design, easy to clean
-Size:length 22cm x Height 16.5cm
-Suitable for 3 months or above

If you are interested, you can direct message us or Whatsapp 9303 0021 for more details!!! ^.^

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