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Aug 12, 2017 九龍 童裝 文具/玩具
幼兒教育系列 LeapFrog 英語農場

好多媽媽都準備緊N班、K班 interview, 有咩玩具好介紹?今次介紹一款Leapfrog 數數字同顏色配對玩具,訓練小朋友對顏色的認識

Leapfrog 英語系列產品,始終學英文都係搵有信心保證的

設計造型特別的Leapfrog 英語農場, 是學習同接觸正確英語的好幫手。農場面板上可配10個1-10數字,放入野餐籃內便會讀出英文水果名稱、顏色、總數同英文單字, 互動功能强大! 備有可愛的LeapFrog 卡通人物 Scout,非常吸引小朋友學習英文同counting skill!

20個活動方塊同農場背景主機都備有磁石, 可以固定在金屬面板如雪櫃面, Creative Art Easel , 適合親子教授等活動~

產品共有兩種學習與音樂模式,小朋友按下放上野餐籃的方塊、會讀出水果名稱, 還可以讓小朋友配對方塊上的水果數量,按下音符還有輕快美妙的樂曲喔!

優惠價: HK$189/set

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原裝 LeapFrog正貨
使用電池:AAA x 3 (內附)

The Fridge Numbers Magnetic Letter Set brings phonics skills to life with 10 numbers and fruit name, singing, talking number and matching. Perfect for keeping little ones busy learning, the magnetic picnic number and fruit tiles stick to your fridge or any magnetic surface. Children can place each numbers into the basket and press it to hear Scout count the numbers and sound. Press it twice and Scout will say a question and then give you an answer. Children can also press the music note to move and sing along to three learning songs, including the "I am hungry" song.

Fridge Phonics reinforces listening knowledge, including numbers and countings which is an important first step in learning to read. Playing with the number tiles, which are designed for easy manipulation by little hands, also helps strengthen fine motor and coordination skills.

Special offer: HK$189/set
**including the S.F courier delilvery within HK commercial address or their service center**

Product Features:
1. Explore numbers & counting
2. Count on Fun
3. Matching
4. Quiz

LeapFrog Brand
Complied with USA ASTM and CE standards
Material: ABS, Magnet
Product Size:13.0x12.0x5.0cm
Batteries:AAA x 3 (內附)
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