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Mar 13, 2018 N/A 家居用品

* 此推廣活動於3月29日之完結時間視乎實際情況作出更改,恕不另行通知

1. Orange Blossom 長方形淺底鑄鐵鍋 29厘米
限定價 HK$2,088 (建議零售價 HK$4,288)

2. Cassis圓形鑄鐵鍋 24厘米
限定價 HK$1,998 (建議零售價 HK$4,028)

3. Palm圓形鑄鐵鍋 18厘米
限定價 HK$1,188 (建議零售價 HK$2,368)

4. Milky Pink 陶瓷儲物瓶
限定價 HK$228(建議零售價 HK$598)

5. Chiffon Pink 陶瓷鍋鏟座
限定價 HK$160 (建議零售價 HK$358)

6. Coastel Blue陶瓷麵團碗
限定價 HK$260 (建議零售價 HK$578)

Promotion in TASTE (Festive Walk) counter starts now!
Promotion Period: From now until 29th March 2018

* The ending time on 29th March at 7pm may change subject to actual situation without prior notice

Featured Products:
1. Orange Blossom Shallow Rectangular Cocotte 29cm
Special Price HK$2,088 (RRP HK$4,288)

2. Cassis Round French Oven 24cm
Special Price HK$1,998 (RRP HK$4,028)

3. Palm Round French Oven 18cm
Special Price HK$1,188 (RRP HK$2,368)

4. Milky Pink Small Stackable Storage Jar
Special Price HK$228 (RRP HK$598)

5. Chiffon Pink Spatula Crock
Special Price HK$160 (RRP HK$358)

6. Coastal Blue 2qt Batter Bowl
Special Price HK$260 (RRP HK$578)

Terms & Conditions 條款及細則:
- While stocks last. 數量有限,售完即止。
- Only applicable to available stock. 只限店內現貨。
- Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. 不可與其他優惠同時使用。
- Items purchased in this promotion are non-refundable, non-returnable or non-exchangeable. 此推廣活動之產品恕不退換或退款。
- Customers who purchase upon HK$2,500 in a single invoice are eligible to enrol for a free cooking class within 1 month from the date of purchase. 凡以單一發票購物折實滿 HK$2,500,即可憑發票正本於購買日期起計1個月內報讀免費烹飪班1堂。
- Le Creuset Hong Kong Ltd reserves the final right in case of any dispute and to amend the term and conditions without any prior notice. Le Creuset Hong Kong Ltd 保留一切修改條款及細則之權利及最終決定權。
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