mothercare Hong Kong - 優惠全線Mothercare適用 (中環太子大廈分店除外)。

今個星期五、六及日,CoolCore冰涼毛巾(仲要係限量版豆腐人公仔呀~),換購價 $50/件(原價$99-$139),快D 嚟買啦!

【Weekend Deal】
Coolcore cooling towel is made of chemical free fabric to keep you cooler and drier as compared to traditional towels. In some cases, Coolcore cooling towels are even suitable for people who runs a fever!

Enjoy redemption price at $50/pc(original price$99-$139) on Coolcore cooling towel this Fri, Sat and Sun at Mothercare shops! while stock last!

優惠全線Mothercare適用 (中環太子大廈分店除外)。
Applicable for all Mothercare Shops (except Prince's Building, Central shop).
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