Hearts On Fire HK - 一般傳統車工因切割角度不精準,光線會從底部或側漏光;Hearts On Fire擁有一套獨特的切割公式,能夠切...

Nov 9, 2016 N/A 配件飾品
一般傳統車工因切割角度不精準,光線會從底部或側漏光;Hearts On Fire擁有一套獨特的切割公式,能夠切磨出完美車工比例,引導光線完全折射,無論身處何地,鑽石的閃耀光芒都能讓您成為眾人曯目的焦點。

A traditional cut diamond loses light from the bottom and sides due to inaccuracy. However, the unique cutting method of Hearts On Fire is able to transform every diamond into perfect proportions, thus light is completely reflected. Wherever you are, the incomparable sparkle from the diamond will stand you out from the crowd.

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