Babies"R"Us Hong Kong - 寶寶"反"斗城及玩具"反"斗城獨家發售及《 全線 8折 》!

寶寶"反"斗城及玩具"反"斗城獨家發售及《 全線 8折 》!!!

來自韓國既人氣嬰兒品牌 CREAMHAUS 而家喺香港兩間既寶寶"反"斗城及尖沙咀海運大廈玩具"反"斗城已經有得賣喇!買比自己既寶貝仔女當然要買最好喇!多用途冰雪高牆城堡,可用作寶寶遊戲室,安全圍欄,波波池,嬰兒床。安全、舒適同質素集於一身!


《 20% OFF & EXCLUSIVE 》to Babies"R"Us and Toys"R"Us stores!!!

A famous baby brand CREAMHAUS from Korea is NOW AVAILABLE in both Babies”R”Us stores and Toys"R"Us (Ocean Terminal Store) in Hong Kong!!! You can now find one of their most quality item Ice Castle Up from us too! It can be a multi-function baby room, safe guard, ball pool or baby bed. The most comforty and safest zone to your baby! Come check out NOW!

Offer valid until 30 Nov, 2016!
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