Market Place by Jasons - 限時優惠:於12/11及13/11購物滿$400,更可獲得3倍印花 產品及印花活動詳情:... #識得計換得快 #全新印...

1. 購物滿$60,便可得到印花乙個
2. 限時優惠:於12/11及13/11購物滿$400,更可獲得3倍印花
[Quality of Life in Dinnerware]
Dinner without a set of trendy dinnerware just does not feel like fine dining. guzzini dinnerware is sophisticated yet trendy with colourful ripples to make your food even more delightful while offering you a sense of serenity and style.
From now until 16 Mar, you can redeem guzzini dinnerware and kitchenware collection for free with the designated number of stamps.
1. Get a stamp for every $60 purchase
2. Limited Offer: spend $400 or more on 12/11 & 13/11 to earn triple stamps
Promotion details:
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